Personalize your shaver with 3D printing

3dshaver World’s First Personalized 3D printed shaver With 125 years of innovation, Philips is now marking another exciting journey with personalized 3D printed shaver. They are piloting a limited-edition personalized 3D printed shaver which enables you to design your own shaver – its shape, dimensions, accessories and colors. You can even have a personal message printed […]

World’s First Portable 3D Makeup Printer

Adorn Adorn is a sophisticated 3D makeup pen, combining an advance skin tone sensor, bright led lights for illumination and multi-hued makeup in a portable water proof and meticulously designed gadget. Skin tones change with the seasons, with ladies going from deep sun kissed summer glows to lightly tanned beige in a matter of months. This […]

NASA Emailed a New Wrench To the ISS

NASA You know that moment where you overhear a loved one talking about something they really need, and realize you just stumbled onto the perfect thoughtful Christmas present? That’s what just happened on the ISS, where an astronaut recently opined about needing a wrench—and then received one over email and printed it out. We’ve heard a […]

The First Thing To Be 3D Printed In Space

The First Thing To Be 3D Printed In Space Wondering what’s the first thing 3D printed in space? Don’t worry, it’s not obvious to anyone else, either. It’s a backup faceplate for the 3D printer’s print head — in other words, it attaches to the box that shoots the plastic filament out onto the print surface, keeping all of the various wires and sensitive […]

Strati, The World’s First 3D Printed Car, Took Only 44 Hours to Print

Strati[1] One day, in the not-too-distant future, you’ll be able to walk into a car dealership, choose a design — including the number of seats — and have a 3D printed car by the end of the day. This is Jay Rogers’ vision. Rogers is the CEO of Local Motors, the company that just built the […]

Print an iPhone 6

iPhone_6_Plus_v03_preview_featured As soon as Apple announced the new, larger iPhones, cries went up, prompted by the sheer size of the new devices. “Will it fit in the pocket of my skinny jeans?” “How will it sit in my small hands?” “Can it double as a cheeseboard?” These valid questions are hard to answer without a tangible […]