7 Reasons Never to Give 4Chan a 3D Printer

Twerking Einstein 1 Over at 3D printing marketplace Shapeways.com, inspired individuals are free to post their 3D-printable creations for all the world to buy. And sure, there’s some more benign items like art and iPhone cases littered among the clutter, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find what Shapeways’ masses really want: Goatse, twerking, fresco Jesus, doge—the […]

UK Home Office Clarifies Rules Against 3D-Printed Guns

Engineers Build The World’s First Real 3D-Printed Gun The UK Home Office has clarified the rules against 3D-printed guns, finally stating unequivocally that 3D-printed firearms are prohibited under the Firearms Act 1968. According to an informational release, it is an “offence for an individual to possess, purchase or acquire any component part of a firearm without a certificate.” 3D-printed guns have yet to be officially […]

Mechaneu – Mind-Boggling Spherical Gear Made from 3D-Printed Moving Parts

Mechaneu New York-based Proxy Design Studio has given Gizmodo a first glimpse of its incredible, 3D-printed spherical gear called the Mechaneu, equal parts tactile toy and mechanical sculpture, a mind-bogglingly precise intermeshing of wheels within wheels. Proxy describes the project as just "the first in a series of kinetic, 3D-printed objects designed to explore the limits of 3D printing […]

The Much-Hyped 3D Printer Market Is Entering A New Growth Phase

The Much-Hyped 3D Printer Market Is Entering A New Growth Phase 3D printing remains a nascent market, despite high levels of hype around the technology’s potential – such as, most recently, news that astronauts will be using a 3D printer in space next year. The hype may be a little overblown but there’s no doubting the technology’s trajectory. Enter analyst Gartner with a new report, which predicts worldwide shipments of sub-$100,000 […]

UK Police Claim To Find 3D-Printed Gun Parts In Raid On Home

UK Police Claim To Find 3D-Printed Gun Parts In Raid On Home It begins. The Greater Manchester Police in the UK raided the home of a criminal suspect where they found a 3D printer and 3D printed parts. With great pride and fanfare the police reported: During the searches, officers found a 3D printer and what is suspected to be a 3D plastic magazine and trigger which could […]

Why Is the US Army Investing In 4D Printing?

Why Is the US Army Investing In 4D Printing A new grant from the U.S. Army Research Office will split $855,000 between three research teams working on so-called "4D printing." By military budget standards, that’s chump change—but it hints at a huge future for a technology that’s been lingering on the horizon for years. After all, this is the same tech thatMcSweeney’s writer Michael Ward recently skewered with a […]