HP is ready to show off its new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers

hp-multi-jet-fusion HP is pushing into an entirely new direction that it hopes will revive the company’s slumping fortunes. The personal computer and printing giant said on Tuesday that it plans to sell two 3D printers for business customers to create prototypes and larger batches of items like small clamps for controlling the amount of liquid flowing […]
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Personalize your shaver with 3D printing

3dshaver World’s First Personalized 3D printed shaver With 125 years of innovation, Philips is now marking another exciting journey with personalized 3D printed shaver. They are piloting a limited-edition personalized 3D printed shaver which enables you to design your own shaver – its shape, dimensions, accessories and colors. You can even have a personal message printed […]

World’s First Portable 3D Makeup Printer

Adorn Adorn is a sophisticated 3D makeup pen, combining an advance skin tone sensor, bright led lights for illumination and multi-hued makeup in a portable water proof and meticulously designed gadget. Skin tones change with the seasons, with ladies going from deep sun kissed summer glows to lightly tanned beige in a matter of months. This […]

5 Designs Re-Invent the Shoe

5 Designs to Re-Invent the Shoe Zaha Hadid, Fernando Romero, and Ben Van Berkel are making headlines alongside two renowned artists for their 3D printed reinventions of the high heel. A collaborative vision spearheaded by United Nude and 3D Systems, the highly anticipated project was unveiled yesterday at the "Re-Inventing Shoes" exhibition at Milan Design Week. Each sculptural heel was 3D printed using SelectiveLaser Sintering in a hard Nylon and all-new soft […]

The World’s Smallest 3D Printer iBox Nano

The World's Smallest 3D Printer iBox Nano News about 3D printing seems to be everywhere these days, but the barrier of entry for most consumers makes it seem out of reach. The IBox Nano 3D Printer intends to break down those walls with the world’s smallest, quietest, lightest, and most affordable 3D Resin Printer. It produces high resolution prints on demand with […]