One Picture Of 3D-Printed Chicken Today

3d-printed-kentucky-fried-chicken-4-1[1] You like chicken. You like 3D printed stuff. Why not slam them together to make the ultimate in 3D printable model food? How does that sound? Cool, right? I thought so. So what’s going on here: some designers at iJet in Yokohama, Japan wanted to surprise the staff of Lifehacker. They grabbed a tasty KFC drumstick, scanned it […]

Foodini Is A 3D Printer That Lets You Print Dishes With Fresh Ingredients

screen-shot-2014-03-27-at-2-58-01-pm[1] Foodini is a 3D printer for foodstuffs. Its Florida-based makers are hoping their time-saving device becomes as ubiquitous on kitchen countertops as the microwave oven has become. But instead of forcing people to rely on highly processed convenience food that’s larded with additives and unhealthy levels of salt, as microwave meals generally are, they want Foodini to get more people […]

Biozoon Smoothfood – The First Cheap 3D Printed Food

Biozoon Smoothfood Go to the cafeteria of a nursing home and you’ll see elderly residents noshing on pureed food. It’s necessary for patients for whom chewing is difficult, but it’s not very palatable. A German company is seeking to change that by making 3D-printed, easy-to-chew food that actually tastes good. The company behind the project is called Biozoon Smoothfood. It’s […]

Print Shift magazine explores the fast-changing world of 3D printing

Print Shift Magazine Print Shift is a magazine that explores the fast-changing world of 3D printing and analyses the way it is changing the worlds of architecture and design. The 60-page, advert-free publication explores advances in 3D printing across a range of topics including fashion, food, design, architecture and even weaponry and archaeology. Written by the Dezeen editorial […]

3D-Printed dress for Dita Von Teese by Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti

3D-printed-dress-by-Michael-Schmidt-and-Francis-Bitonti New York designer Michael Schmidt and architect Francis Bitonti have created a 3D-printed dress for burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese. Images above and top by Albert Sanchez. Designed by Schmidt and generated by Bitonti, the floor-length nylon gown was made using selective laser sintering (SLS), where material is built up in layers from plastic powder fused together with a […]