The Makerbot Digitizer Is Nearly Magic

Makerbot Digitizer When I was a kid I was amazed by advances in technology. I went to a friend’s house when I was in fifth grade and his father had a PC – an IBM PC, I believe – with a built-in hard drive. We loaded King’s Quest and Colossal Cavern in seconds and he even had a menu of […]

Get Your Very Own Van Gogh Or Rembrandt Painting

Get Your Very Own Van Gogh Or Rembrandt Painting NAME: Fine art 3D printing AUTHOR: Tim Zaman, a researcher of the Delft University of technology, in collaboration with Océ, a company part of the Canon group specializing in professional printing technologies. DESCRIPTION: Some people might wonder why 3D printing should be involved in the reproduction of paintings but anyone who has ever see up close a painting by […]

MakerBot’s $1,400 Digitizer Now Available

MakerBot Digitizer The folks at MakerBot have been teasing their Digitizer desktop 3D scanner since this past March, but now they’re just about ready push it out the door. For $1,400, you too can scan all the little knick-knacks in your life and turn them into 3D schematics to print or share with others. In case you haven’t been keeping […]