L’imprimante 3D, star du salon des nouvelles technologies de Las Vegas

le-13-heures-du-9-janvier-2014-l-imprimante-3d Grâce à cette révolution technologique, chacun pourra bientôt fabriquer chez soi des objets de la vie courante grâce aux imprimantes 3D, désormais abordables financièrement. Explications de Fabrice Collaro et Sylvain Roland, nos envoyés spéciaux au CEShttp://www.wat.tv/embedframe/244493chuPP3r11078755Source: Videos.tf1.fr

MakerBot Is Changing The World at CES 2014

MakerBot-Replicator It was an inauspicious beginning. At the MakerBot event last night at CES 2014 the intro music tended towards soft hard rock. On the plate was a lilting guitar anthem by the Foo Fighters and then a song by Incubus, Pardon Me. So pardon me while I burst into flames. Luckily, nothing did. Instead, as I sat in […]

Big 3D Printing Needs To Stop The Bullying

elasto_3d_print_shapeways Stratasys, one of the two giants in the 3D printing market (the other is 3DSystems), is on a roll. This summer it bought one of the biggest and beloved home 3D-printer makers, MakerBot, and watched its printers churn out the first 3D-printed gun. Now it’s back in the news for suing printer reseller Afinia for infringing on its patents. […]

Print Teeny-Weenie Things – The LumiFold Has You Covered

LumiFold I never thought I’d see the day when someone would find a reason to build a wee tiny foldable 3D printer that can make things about as big as a few matchboxes. This printer, called the LumiFold, is a 3D printer with a build envelope of 90x90x90mm and uses UV sensitive resin to print fairly high-quality objects in […]

Microsoft lance son app d’impression 3D

3D Builder pour Windows 8.1 Microsoft facilite la conception d’objets 3D avec le lancement de son app 3D Builder pour les systèmes d’exploitation sous Windows 8.1. Le support de nouveaux logiciels 3D arrive pour la fin d’année. Personne ne veut rater le train de l’impression 3D. Microsoft non plus. L’éditeur annonce le lancement de sa première application d’impression 3D pour Windows 8.1. Et […]