Mechaneu – Mind-Boggling Spherical Gear Made from 3D-Printed Moving Parts

Mechaneu New York-based Proxy Design Studio has given Gizmodo a first glimpse of its incredible, 3D-printed spherical gear called the Mechaneu, equal parts tactile toy and mechanical sculpture, a mind-bogglingly precise intermeshing of wheels within wheels. Proxy describes the project as just "the first in a series of kinetic, 3D-printed objects designed to explore the limits of 3D printing […]

Sketchfab lève deux millions de dollars

Sketchfab La levée permettra à la start-up qui diffuse des modèles 3D sur le Web de se développer, d’améliorer son produit et d’agrandir son équipe. Sketchfab vient de finaliser une levée de deux millions de dollars (1,47 millions d’euros) menée par Balderton Capital. Partech Ventures, Borealis Ventures, David Cohen (TechStars) et plusieurs business angels sont montés au […]

A Memo to Investors in 11D Technologies

A Memo to Investors in 11D Technologies You may have seen reports this week that a team at MIT is developing so-called "4D printing" technology, which would go far beyond current 3D printing technology’s capacity to print three-dimensional objects with a machine. This team has stated that its fourth "D" involves objects self-assembling. I want to assure you, my unwavering investors, that […]

Big 3D Printing Needs To Stop The Bullying

elasto_3d_print_shapeways Stratasys, one of the two giants in the 3D printing market (the other is 3DSystems), is on a roll. This summer it bought one of the biggest and beloved home 3D-printer makers, MakerBot, and watched its printers churn out the first 3D-printed gun. Now it’s back in the news for suing printer reseller Afinia for infringing on its patents. […]

Occipital Raises $1M On Kickstarter To Bring 3D Scanning To The Masses

Occipital App Boulder & SF-based startup Occipital is probably still best known for its Red Laser and 360Panorama apps, but it confirmed today that it raised over $1 million on Kickstarter to bring its Structure 3D sensor to market. The Structure isn’t just any 3D sensor though. It’s an incredibly small one – so small, in fact, that it can […]