The World’s Smallest 3D Printer iBox Nano

The World's Smallest 3D Printer iBox Nano

News about 3D printing seems to be everywhere these days, but the barrier of entry for most consumers makes it seem out of reach. The IBox Nano 3D Printer intends to break down those walls with the world’s smallest, quietest, lightest, and most affordable 3D Resin Printer. It produces high resolution prints on demand with no software to download, works over WiFi, and even has a battery powered option for on-the-go printing.

You’ll mostly be limited to printing tiny trinkets and the such, but its creators promise a level of detail, 328 micron pixel size to be exact, that’s on-par with extrusion 3D printers. And you can of course either print 3D models downloaded from the internet, or upload your own creations. Besides size, there don’t seem to be any limitations to the iBox Nano’s capabilities.