3D-Printed Bump Key Can Open Almost Any Lock

3D-Printed Bump Key Bump keys are primitive tools used by locksmiths (and HAXoRZ) to knock open simple locks. Until now, many locks were secure simply because they were too complex to be bumped and, as a result, you had a bit of security by obscurity. That’s all changing. Created by Jos Weyers and Christian Holler, these keys are […]

Architect 3D Print an Entire Castle

Architect 3D Print an Entire Castle A Minnesota architect has built a 3D printed castle in just under 4 months. Whether he used the world’s largest MakerBot or something else to print it is unclear. All we know is that whatever he used was capable of extruding layer upon layer of smooth concrete. Andy Rudenko wanted to 3D print a castle […]

Disney Research 3D-Prints Figurines With the Most Lifelike Hair Ever

Disney Research 3D-Prints Figurines With the Most Lifelike Hair Ever 3D printing can make an action figure copy of your body and face, but the hair usually ends up looking like a Lego minifig wig. The mad scientists at Disney Research just solved that, with an algorithm so powerful it can trace your hair’s shape and color with ultra-realism. The research team at Disney Research […]

Make A Real Teddy Bear In A Few Hours

Project_TeddyBear_Siggrapn14_teaser-1024x358[1] Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Disney Research have created a 3D printer that can output a real, cuddly teddy bear in a few hours, thereby putting Santa’s elves out of business. The machine uses soft yarn and a needle to “felt” the object together by entangling the fibers as the object is built. A research paper by, Scott […]

One Picture Of 3D-Printed Chicken Today

3d-printed-kentucky-fried-chicken-4-1[1] You like chicken. You like 3D printed stuff. Why not slam them together to make the ultimate in 3D printable model food? How does that sound? Cool, right? I thought so. So what’s going on here: some designers at iJet in Yokohama, Japan wanted to surprise the staff of Lifehacker. They grabbed a tasty KFC drumstick, scanned it […]

Foodini Is A 3D Printer That Lets You Print Dishes With Fresh Ingredients

screen-shot-2014-03-27-at-2-58-01-pm[1] Foodini is a 3D printer for foodstuffs. Its Florida-based makers are hoping their time-saving device becomes as ubiquitous on kitchen countertops as the microwave oven has become. But instead of forcing people to rely on highly processed convenience food that’s larded with additives and unhealthy levels of salt, as microwave meals generally are, they want Foodini to get more people […]