Engineers Build The World’s First Real 3D-Printed Gun

Engineers Build The World’s First Real 3D-Printed Gun The Liberator, for all the hoopla, was not really a gun. This 3D-printed firearm, on the other hand, is a gun. It is a copy of a 1911 made using public-domain plans and a laser sintering system that solidifies metal powder. It fires just like a real semi-automatic pistol The gun, created by Solid Concepts, is completely legal. The […]

MakerBot’s $1,400 Digitizer Now Available

MakerBot Digitizer The folks at MakerBot have been teasing their Digitizer desktop 3D scanner since this past March, but now they’re just about ready push it out the door. For $1,400, you too can scan all the little knick-knacks in your life and turn them into 3D schematics to print or share with others. In case you haven’t been keeping […]

Microsoft démocratise l’impression 3D avec 3D Builder pour Windows 8.1

3D Builder pour Windows 8.1 Technologie : Microsoft propose l’application gratuite 3D Builder pour Windows 8.1 qui permet de facilement créer puis imprimer des objets en 3D à partir d’une imprimante compatible. Microsoft poursuit son travail de démocratisation de l’impression 3D. L’éditeur vient de publier une application gratuite qui permet à tout utilisateur équipé d’une imprimante 3D de créer aisément des objets. 3D […]