Iron Man Suit Project Seeking 5K Pre-Orders

Iron Man Speaking as someone who’s considered spending nearly $1,000 on a full Stormtrooper costume multiple times, I’m very interested in a new crowdfunding project designed to build and mass produce a complete Iron Man suit with electronic features like an automatic sliding faceplate. The Iron Man Mark III project from Iron Man Factory, which must violate at least […]

UK Home Office Clarifies Rules Against 3D-Printed Guns

Engineers Build The World’s First Real 3D-Printed Gun The UK Home Office has clarified the rules against 3D-printed guns, finally stating unequivocally that 3D-printed firearms are prohibited under the Firearms Act 1968. According to an informational release, it is an “offence for an individual to possess, purchase or acquire any component part of a firearm without a certificate.” 3D-printed guns have yet to be officially […]

Mechaneu – Mind-Boggling Spherical Gear Made from 3D-Printed Moving Parts

Mechaneu New York-based Proxy Design Studio has given Gizmodo a first glimpse of its incredible, 3D-printed spherical gear called the Mechaneu, equal parts tactile toy and mechanical sculpture, a mind-bogglingly precise intermeshing of wheels within wheels. Proxy describes the project as just "the first in a series of kinetic, 3D-printed objects designed to explore the limits of 3D printing […]

eBay Exact – eBay Is Latest To Join 3D Printing Craze With New App For Customizable Goods

eBay Exact Ebay is hopping on the 3D printing bandwagon. This morning, the company announced the debut of a new iPhone application called eBay Exact which allows users to browse and buy customizable print-on-demand merchandise from three top 3D printing companies: newly acquired MakerBot, Sculpteo, and Hot Pop Factory. The app features roughly 20 categories at launch, mainly jewelry and tech […]

La Poste teste un service d’impression 3D

La Poste teste un service d’impression 3D Technologie : L’établissement public entend faire découvrir cette nouvelle technologie et pourquoi pas devenir à terme un lieu incontournable pour effectuer des travaux d’impression en trois dimensions à distance. L’expérimentation est lancée avec Sculpteo. La Poste diversifie encore un peu plus ses activités. Après le mobile, le groupe entend aujourd’hui se positionner dans le secteur hautement […]